Friday, July 22, 2011

Tiré de Beneath The Neon de Matthew O'Brien - description des conditions de vie

«But I did not expect to find people. People sleep in houses, condos, and apartments. They sleep in hotels, motels and - a local favorite- trailers. They sleep in shelters, parks, and under bridges.But they do not sleep in dark concrete boxes that run for miles and miles and miles. They do not sleep in concrete boxes that fill with floodwater.
   Exploring the storm drains with Josh, I found out that - in fact - they do. And as we interviewed the inhabitants, it almost begsn to make sense. The drains are ready-made reliable shanties- a floor, two walls and a ceiling. They provide shelter from the intense Mojave heat and wind. (...) Some of the drains are dry for weeks, even months. And cops, security guards, and business owners don't dare roust anyone beyonf the shade line.
  But ultimately, the drains are deathtraps. They're disorienting and sometimes dangerously long. Many of them run under streets ans contains pockets of carbon monoxide. They can be difficult to exit, particularly in a hurry. They're not patrolled. (...) They're not monitored. There are no rules. There are no heroes. And, oh yeah, ther can fill a foot per minute with floodwater.»

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